I think we all have experienced the ‘I literally can’t put this book down’ at least once in our lives. This happens way too often for me, but I think that specifically has to do with the fact that once I start, I simply can’t stop. 

Have you ever thought about whether your favourite books are the ones you read in one sitting? Or does it vary? Well today, I’m going to share with you a list of curated titles brought to you by the bookworms of The Moon; these were the titles that were just too good to put down!


1. Nimita's Place 

Following a dual narrative, we have scientist/microbiologist Nimita Sachdev, who leaves India for Singapore to avoid the inevitable arranged marriage awaiting her. On the other hand, we have her grandmother, Nimita Khosla, who formed her family in India in the late 1940s-50s. In this book, you'd see India's history wove with Singapore's happenings over the recent years. 

Nimita's Place shows you the harsh truth of how women were treated back in the day, and the lack of choices they were given in their own life. It explores multiple topics such as workplace equality, immigration difficulties, ethnic strife and many more. A hearty and heartbreaking read for any.


2. Unsettled Ground 



51-year-old twins, Jeanie and Julius, lived their lives with their mother at a secluded cottage in rural England. Their lives were filled with folk songs and nature despite their harsh living conditions.

When their mother unexpectedly dies, they're left to fend for themselves, and their twin bond is now in question. As they slowly unravel truths about their mother that they never knew about, their lives take a turn in unimaginable ways. A great novel on dysfunctional families, bonds and secrets, their character developments will have you hooked.


3. The Alchemist

Santiago leaves Spain to go to the Egyptian desert, searching for a treasure near the pyramids. He meets people along the way who join him on the journey, through the long travels and experiences. 

The Alchemist opens your eyes to your own dreams and the risks you're willing to take to follow those dreams. It's a breakdown of how many struggle in life trying to get where they want to, and give up despite being so close to the goal, unaware of its proximity. Self-discovery, motivating and extremely uplifting, this spiritual fable will fill you with hope and certainty that the things you aspire for will be achievable if you work relentlessly towards it.


4. Detransition Baby


Reese almost had it all: a loving relationship with her girlfriend Amy, an apartment in New York City, a job she didn't hate. She had scraped together what previous generations of trans women could only dream of: a life of mundane, bourgeois comforts. The only thing missing was a child. But then Amy decided to detransition and became Ames, and everything changed.

Now there's Katrina in the picture with them - and maybe a bonus human - which changes the dynamics of everything that was established. Peters does not shy away from the complex and problematic issues in trans lives, this book discusses all kinds of emotional and social questions.


5. The Chronicles of Narnia




What started off as the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, has now become a worldwide sensation and a foundation for the ultimate fantasy realm. Originally published in London between 1950 and 1956, over 100 million copies have been sold in 47 languages.

Set in the beautiful Narnia, a world of magic, mythical beasts and children from the real world, these books explore the history of Narnia. Picking up this series will put you on a special journey, one that many (including myself) have close to our hearts since we were children. A great read for children and adults alike, you'll stumble upon magic, honour, valor, friendship, and everything to learn from it.

6. Eating Chili Crab in the Anthropocene


Eating Chili Crab in the Anthropocene is the first book to examine Singapore from an ecocultural lens. Its authors, composed of a new generation of thinkers, breathe fresh air into deeply familiar subjects.

From chili crab to Tiger Beer, Changi Airport to Pulau Semakau, Orang Minyak films to O-levels, this collection of essays paves the way for a more sustainable future.

Whether you put these titles down or not, I hope you found a book that interests you and that you enjoy it just as much as we did. 

x Maya (Community Executive)