How to Pick A Pile

Every time I am asked this question, it usually comes with queries on how one would know which would be the right pile? Do I follow my head or heart? Should I meditate on it? What if I am drawn to all three? What if I am drawn to none at all?

The very first thing I would advise you to do would be to drop these thoughts and close your eyes. Follow through with a deep easeful inhalation, and then a relieving, exhale. Do this thrice if you still feel any sort of stress or tension, then open your eyes and pick the first pile that draws your eye.

Piles drawn on May 2021

When does it expire?

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Another question that follows up would be the “date of expiry” for pick-a-pile readings. The thing about such readings, in most cases, is that there isn’t an end date to the messages (unless specified for certain timelines). Tarot readings are all based off energies, and with the beauty of the internet and its everlasting data retention, there will always be a message in a pick-a-pile somewhere for you.

This reading is timeless so whenever you chance upon the post, or feel called to pick another pile from it in time to come, there will be a message calling out from the piles to you. You were meant to discover this.

So go ahead, pick a pile, and scroll down below for your message.





The ultimate stability and fulfilment you wish to obtain is within reach. You just can’t seem to see how close you are to it at present.

It is so easy to set our goals and sights afar - looking forward to all which we anticipate, thinking we can only be happy once we’ve attained our supposed successes. The truth is in all of our journeys and experiences, we don’t realise the desires we had wished so much to obtain are right now being lived in at present.

This is a straight up reminder to be content with all that you have at present, because you are living the dream you once desired for. The need to feel secure in the obtainment of whatever you are projecting far off in the future, is not going to help you feel grounded. Even if you were to reach your goals, you will never feel content if you’re always looking too far out in the future.

Be present, and find the magic you hold in the now. There is so much to rejoice in with all that you are.


I rejoice in all my abundance, and I am grateful for all that I am.




Some of you are slowly gaining awareness of certain patterns which you know do not serve you anymore. Pat yourselves on the back because the first step to any sort of change is in having awareness of the issue, and the desire for change.

You are now realising the power you hold in your independence and you do not need to rely on others for your own stability. Nothing can compare to following the path which brings you stability, other than to obtain the stability that fulfils a million others.

There is no joy in reaching the expectations you allow others to place on yourself, so what is it that truly feels right by you? Follow your magic.

There is no longer an inclination towards acceptance or validation from others and you are finally reclaiming power in your personal self. Kudos to the  accountability you are taking on and the active choice in rallying up only the values which guide you on the right paths.

This, is liberation.


I am free, I am in power, and I am in choice!




This is a spread that whispers “you are safe”. All of the turmoil you have been experiencing and your past hurts seem to hold you back from the ability to look at the present, much less in looking ahead.

It feels as though your thoughts are on playback and screaming at top volume of danger, but the only thing that is true at present is calm waters. You need to trust and know that the past has no place in being present, and every moment you choose to live in the past, you are only robbing yourself of the chance to move along your journey. You do not need this playback any longer.

Everything has shifted in your favour, but for you to experience all of its benefits you will have to leave the past where it belongs. Every time your past revisits you, acknowledge it, and make a conscious choice in letting it past. You deserve the good that is here. You are safe here, and now.


I do not worry, I do not anger, I am grateful, I am kind, and I live in my truth.

End note

I hope you enjoyed this general reading and I look forward to meeting you in my next sharing.

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Till our next interaction, take care.



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Written By:
Pearlyn Siew (@GuidedByDeLuna)

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Charmaine Low