It’s Pride month and it’s Gemini season! Hurray! Is it time to have that talk with your family and friends? That talk to get them on board with LGBTQ activism?

Here’s a little guide on how might enrol them to the cause based on their Sun Sign.


Why Sun signs?

The Sun sign is the core identity primary driver of a person. Being able to speak into their Sun signs allows you to tap into the aspiration part of who they are: who they long to be and become.

The caveat, of course, is that we are all multifaceted beings with different parts of ourselves at tension with one another. Sometimes, we may even disavow the primary motivation of our own Sun signs, consciously or unconsciously. Which means that this endeavour of trying to get them on your side may not be as easy as it seems to be.

And that’s ok. Focus on the long game and work with them one step at a time.



The Aries Friends

Ariesians are pretty straightforward. Of course, engaging them can be hard if they already see themselves as diametrically opposed to the cause, so don’t push them if they don’t want to.

Aries, however, love excitement. So, invite them to come down for Pinkdot ‘live’ and leave the ball in their court. Let it be their decision rather than yours.

The Taurus Friends

Tauruses might be one of the hardest to convince since they are not inclined to rock the boat.

But they care about practicality and pragmatism, so if you can convince them that standing up for LGBTQ rights is the economically sensible thing to do (the brain drain, the upside of the Pink dollar), they would be more inclined to join the cause.

The Gemini Friends

Geminis are easy to work with. As long as you can intrigue their natural curiosity, get them to understand the relevance of LGBTQ rights, even if they aren’t fully on board, they’ll still be able to see and understand your differing point of view.

The Cancer Friends

Cancerians are all about nurturance and sentimentality. As long as you can evoke their sympathies and understanding, it’ll be easier to get them on board. Do note that, however, they can be pretty conservative, so outright bringing them to a LGBTQ-themed bar can scare them to inaction.

The Leo Friends

Leo people care about being who they are. Hence, if you can inspire your Leo friends to realise that LGBTQ rights are fundamental human rights to ‘be’, you will be able to get them on your side.

The Virgo Friends

Virgos are natural problem solvers and care very much about being of use to the world. Getting Virgos on board requires you to position LGBTQ inequality as an issue that needs to be solved in order for the world to be a better place.

The Libra Friends

Like Gemini, you’ll find less resistance in an air sign like Libra. Because Libra cares about fairness, as long as you can have the Libra realise that LGBTQ rights are about fairness for all, you’ll have them on board.

The Scorpio Friends

Ok, so Scorpios are pretty intense. They are either all in with you or all out against you. If you have close Scorpio friends who are pretty loyal and willing to fight and ‘die’ for you, it’ll be pretty easy to get them on board. However, if your Scorpio friends are staunch in their anti-LGBTQ rhetoric, it might be really hard to move them.

Scorpios are driven by an underlying fear. If there’s a fear which ties them to their anti-LGBTQ stance, perhaps that’s what you can have a conversation about.

The Sagittarius Friends

If your Sagittarius friends are pretty religious, it might be really hard to get them to see where you’re coming from, despite the open-mindedness that a Sagittarius is supposed to have.

All Sagittarians are fueled by a strong sense of morality and philosophy so if you can align  the LGBTQ cause with the fundamental beliefs and philosophy which drives them, you’ll have them as an ally with all their zeal and passion.

The Capricorn Friends

Capricornians are traditionalists that tends to stick to existing frameworks and rules of system. LGBTQ-activism is kind of the opposite of that.

That being said, sometimes what Capricornians need is a little encouragement and courage to act outside of the norm.

If you really want them on board with your LGBTQ cause, start small: invite them to panels, show them little videos and let them come to it in their own time.

The Aquarius Friends

Aquarians are really friendly, so theoretically, it shouldn’t be too hard to get them onto your cause. They are all about inclusion - which is very much what LGBTQ rights are about.

However, a staunchly conservative Aquarius would be predisposed to fight against LGBTQ rights because they firmly believe that it threatens the integrity of the collective. This view can be compounded if they hang out with other groups and people who are anti-LGBT in nature.

If that’s the case, see if you can help them to see the importance of inclusion of LGBTQ people into the fabric of society and the world. That would provide more sway.

The Pisces Friends

Pisceans are generally very compassionate and are therefore more likely to join you and your cause. They may have their own beliefs but as long as you can appeal to their compassionate side, you’ll be able to have them as a staunch ally.


Journaling Prompts

  1. Is there someone in your life that you’d like the support of when it comes to LGBTQ causes and activism? How are you thinking about enrolling them to the cause?
  2. Based on the pointers about working on them based on their Sun Signs, what are you going to do?
  3. Why is it important for them to be onboard with the LGBTQ cause? What’s in it for you if they are onboard?


About the Author

Gabriele is an astrologer, tarot-reader, intuitive guide as well as a coach. He started his astrology journey in 2014 and later set up his practice A Third Eye Seer in 2018.

Gabriele cares deeply about helping people to see themselves clearly and connect with the disavowed, rejected and left behind parts of themselves.

He’s currently working for The Moon as an astrology columnist in the hopes of sharing his astrological knowledge to a wider audience.

You can follow him on his Instagram @gabriele.sees or his Tiktok @gabrielegoh.