“Tarot is storytelling. It's what we do when we read the cards. Telling stories imbues us with supernatural power - the power to change our story.”

Can I let you in on a secret, dearest reader? I've always been intrigued by Tarot, but never really had the opportunity to explore it until very recently. Growing up Indian, I was exposed to traditional 'Vedic' astrology which uses the planets and stars from the day and minute one is born to understand your destiny, as this astrology is based upon one's individual karma. If you were to have a Vedic astrology reading, you'll be informed of your life path, innate gifts, challenges and even the doings from your past life. As a curious young child, it always baffled me that someone could know the intricacies of not only my past, but my future as well, with such a small snippet of information. And that’s precisely what got me hooked onto the concept of astrology and Tarot alike.

Back in March 2020, all of us were hit with a wave of uncertainty and the need to stay home to be safe from the pandemic. During this time, many people around the world started taking up new hobbies and explored ways to pass their time. That's where Tarot made a debut in my life as I spent most of my nights watching general readings on YouTube. Now as I mentioned before, due to my exposure to only Vedic astrology, I was initially incredibly reluctant to understand why some people believed in Tarot so strongly. As time went by however, I explored countless books and really observed the storytelling portion of it more intricately, observing how a character or timeline is pieced together. It was then that I started looking at astrology and Tarot in a completely different light - it was all a story to me, much like my books.

Last weekend, The Moon hosted the very first tarot workshop conducted by our wonderful in-house tarot reader, Eve (@eventuallytarot) titled ‘How to Use Tarot for Love, Life, & Everything in Between’! Before the workshop, I must confess that my knowledge of the tarot was scarce at best; I didn’t know what that the Arcanas meant or which cards fell under them. As I was helping setup for the workshop, I was tasked to separate the decks into the two Arcanas before the workshop commenced and was struggling quite a bit with this. Eve then reassured me that once the workshop was over, I’d be an expert at the Arcanas and wouldn't struggle with this again, and she was so right.

The workshop was separated into three parts: History, Cards, and Experience. Diving into the first part, Eve taught us what the tarot is, its origins and most importantly, the history (which was my favourite part as it excites me to know where everything comes from). We were guided through the various storylines and origin stories of the Tarot, and Eve also gave us further evidence into what’s accurate today when conducting a reading. I especially enjoyed the origin story of the Tarot, and the journey its taken to get to the decks we’re holding in our hands today. Eve brought multiple decks to show us examples of various types of Tarot styles available, and seeing the first ever version of Tarot was so fascinating! Did you know that Tarot was invented in the 15th century? It's truly crazy to think about how far we've come and to see the evidential progress of these cards as there are countless decks now that cater to everybody's personal interests. Let me give you an example, have you ever seen a Medieval Cat Tarot Deck?! As a person who absolutely adores cats and romanticises the medieval era (a little too much), it was certainly appealing to me, as it is for many others with similar likings.

We also unraveled the many myths and misconceptions that have surrounded Tarot cards and readers throughout the years, as there have been many cultures and times when it was depicted in a not so positive light. Tarot is about introspection and clarity, but there have been many instances when it's thought to be a tool of fortune-tellers, or is evil. Exploring this intricate and deeply layered history gave me a much deeper insight and appreciation of Tarot cards, and the best part is that I now know I’ll be able to explain it to another person if need be.

Moving onto the second part of the workshop, we dove deep into the Major Arcana and had a breakdown of each card using the classic Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot deck. Of the 78 cards in a typical tarot deck, 22 comprise of the Major Arcana and represent situations we all face in the grand scheme of life, with each carrying specific messages of perspective and guidance to help you in times of need. The Major Arcana cards reveal messages about the bigger picture of your life and its long-term direction.

Each card is given a detailed description with keywords used to read the card, alternative meanings to it, and details in the image of the card that supports the meaning. I enjoyed exploring the minute details of the images, as I feel that many tend to overlook them since they can get lost if not looked for. When each card was shown on the screen, Eve prompted us participants to find the card in our deck so we could see for ourselves and examine the details as she was explaining them.

After this deep analysis, we moved onto the third and last part of the workshop where we learnt how to do a Card-a-day reading & a Three-Card spread. The Card-a-day reading is primarily for mindfulness, and to start your day off with a vision or goal in mind. This process is almost meditative, to claim clarity and calmness as the energy for your day. As for the Three-Card spread, we were given meditation themes such as For Guidance, For Career, For Love & Relationships, etc. so we could choose which we’d like to explore, and test out our newfound ‘skills’ with Tarot. Eve circulated among the participants to guide each of us through our spreads and to clarify any doubts or confusions we had.

We were also handed a cheat sheet with keywords for each Major Arcana card to help us through our self-reading process, and it ended up being of great help for beginners like me. I noticed that after multiple tries, I started to get the hang of identifying each card and what its meaning is. After a fulfilling number of rounds with card spreads, we were given a recap of everything learnt in the past 2 hours, and a brief run on the Minor Arcanas (which will be further discussed in another session), and with that, the workshop was concluded.

I genuinely enjoyed every part of this workshop conducted by the lovely Eve, who was so patient and guided each of us throughout with her calming presence and feel knowledge of the Tarot. During the 2 hours, a question was raised to Eve by one of the participants, ‘Is Tarot spiritual?’ to which she responded that it can be. I found this question very interesting as I was raised in a traditional and cultural home, and yet I ironically never believed in astrology or Tarot. It was at this moment that the realisation struck me: I don’t need to believe that everything is real, or if whatever is said will happen or is happening in my life. In my eyes, this is a story, in which I’m the protagonist. Everybody has a story to tell, and Tarot gives you a glimpse of yours.

If you’re interested in Tarot workshops such as this and would like to experience everything I've shared, do check out our upcoming one that'll be taking place on 20th November, 2-4pm. Limited slots available, book yours here: https://www.themoon.com.sg/products/tarot-workshop

Thanks for reading! 🌙

x Maya