One of the first things that struck me about the deck was the dreamy shade of midnight blue that forms the backdrop of the cards. Against this template, the images are illustrated in starkly contrasted colours of white, and gradient of pale blue.

From the first moment I held the cards, I was drawn into the cosmos of the night sky, stars and all its mysterious ways. The effect is quite hypnotic. There’s something about the contrast of colours that lulled me into its cosmos, as if I was daydreaming.

A state of daydreaming can be effective in several ways. Daydreaming allows for free association, letting your mind wander without an agenda. It’s useful to promote curiosity and lead to the endless possibilities of where curiosity may take us.

“We keep moving forward—opening up new doors and doing new things because we're curious. And curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” - Walt Disney

The choice of colours — just blue and white on a gradient—is an inspired touch. There’s definitely an intensity in the contrast of the reverse pale colours on a dark background. Perhaps that was to set up a focused, almost meditative state of mind for a Tarot reading.

As hinted in the name The Cosmic Woman deck, the cards feature only the female form, even when depicting the Kings and Knights of the Court Cards. The female body is celebrated loud and proud.

The two-dimensional line art is whimsical. Simple straight lines for swords and wands, easy curves for cups and pentacles. Its simplicity gives you space to hold your questions.

Some of my personal favourite cards in this deck are:

The Moon - a large crescent moon with a face set in neutral expression. What is she thinking about?


The World - a woman at peace under a sky of stars. Looks like blissful shavasana, the final resting pose in yoga! (Who doesn’t love shavasana?)


The Four of Wands - a full moon takes centrestage surrounded by four sparkling wands. To me, it reads of limitless possibilities.


The Ace of Swords - a big sword divides the card straight down the centre, flanked on either side by two crescent moons. Did the sword cut the full moon in half? Is the Sword measuring up the options that both sides represent?


The Cosmic Woman Tarot will appeal to the intermediate and advanced practitioner of Tarot. It is not a Rider-Waite-Smith (RWS) inspired deck. Since the art is minimalist, I would venture that it cleaves closer to the Marseille Tarot tradition of a pips deck (meaning, the Minor Arcana is less descriptive). It is a beautiful Tarot deck to graduate to, after a more popular deck like the RWS or an RWS-inspired deck.

Card Specs

Complete 78-card deck

Major and minor arcana included

Size 2.75 x 4.75, full bleed, no border

350 gsm card stock in linen finish

About the Creator

Lisa Junius is a multi-disciplinary artist from Luxembourg. She creates ceramics, paintings and illustrations. Women and nature are her favourite motifs.

How Lisa Describes the Deck

The Cosmic Woman Tarot is about reuniting with the goddess within an nature, aligning the mind with the universe, and delving into the depths of dream and imagination.

REVIEW by Eve @eventuallytarot

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Eve uses the Tarot with you to light the path ahead, to clarify cause and effect, and to inspire you with courage to follow your dreams. Simply put - to help you make better decisions and find happiness.