Jaded Chains is a brand that breathes new life into old stories and aspires to redefine narratives. Their candles were created with passion, creativity, and good vibes for your enjoyment. We recently conducted an interview with the founders of Jaded Chains! Read on to learn more about the conception of the brand.

Q1. Tell us what Jaded Chains is all about, and your role in the production?

Jaded Chains is mainly a candle and homeware brand with the goal of empowering, inspiring and giving off good energy. We’re all about redefining narratives with a good aesthetic!We actually manufacture almost everything from scratch, from our candles down to the colours, scent mixtures and even our moulds (Dec ‘20 saw us making countless failed silicon moulds with makeshift plastic containers!)

Both of us are also designers so we create every social media post, every ad and every packaging element in-house. I’d say the only step that we aren’t involved in will be the actual making of the soy wax but yeah, it’s a very hands-on process!

Q2. What inspired you to create Jaded Chains?

We saw a gap in the market for content and products that inspire the everyday woman to step into their power. We loved being able to encourage our audience to try and live to their full authenticity everyday. We also wanted to create a space where we can share products (whether they’re digital posts or fun decor pieces) that will empower and inspire. Their cute look is only the cherry on top!

Q3. Is there any specific reason for only choosing to make candles?

The both of us loved the idea of hand making each product with love and the thing about candles is that they are so imperfectly perfect. Every candle smells, looks, and feels just a little different than the next and we also adored how they jazzed up a space.

Q4. What was the pivotal moment where you decided 'I'm going to do this'?

It was peak-pandemic and the world was kinda going through a dark period. There was also a lot going on with social issues and we kept seeing a lack of safe space for the everyday woman. We wanted to create something to empower people and to also create products that were going to help beautify your safe space.

Q5. What has the process of developing this brand been like for you?

Jaded Chains is mostly a child of love and a desire to sell a strong aesthetic that is empowering so at every step of developing the brand, it was challenging in the best ways because we pour so much of ourselves into it. But because of that very reason, it was also extremely rewarding and fulfilling.


Q6. Was this project a collective idea or was it self initiated?

Jaded Chains was definitely a collective idea! We both wanted to start a passion project outside of our jobs and we’re very fortunate to have turned our project into the business it is today.

Q7. What was your job scope like before you decided to pursue this project?

We are both designers and both thrive off of creating a strong aesthetic that tells a story, which is why creating this brand felt so natural for us!

Q8. We were told that you ideated this brand at The Moon! Do tell us more about it.

Yes! We were just meeting at The Moon to catch up and we got to talking about how the products that you guys were stocking were so inspiring. I remember seeing a book called Antiracist Baby by Ibram X. Kendi and illustrated by Ashley Lukashevsky (one of our favourite artists!!!) and just feeling so in awe of a product that could potentially inspire so much change. That kinda kicked off the conversation of wanting to create and sell things that could create that same effect and a year later, here we are!

Q9. What's the story behind your brand's name?

It’s funny but the name Jaded Chains was actually created back in 2015 when we were fresh out of school. At that time, we wanted to sell clothes that could fit every type of body (it was 2015, the beauty standard was honestly just size XXS - M at default) but quickly found that it wasn’t for us. 5 years on, we decided to revive the name and to sell candles!

Q10. What can the people expect to experience through having one of your candles?

Our candles not only smell good but look amazing. Lighting them is a sensorial experience and it enhances your space as well as your precious “me-time”. Too often are we scrambling away in front of blue light screens trying to catch up with the world when we should be taking a step away to catch up with ourselves. Our candles were created with that kind of energy in mind and one can definitely expect to reap the most benefits when using them with that purpose.

Q11. What do you hope for your business to grow into in the long run?

We have big dreams for JC! Firstly, we are looking to expand our business internationally. Our focus has always been on wellness and bringing good energy to people and we hope to bring new ideas/products that will be a game changer to the daily routine.

Q12. What are other brands or experiences that have inspired you over the course of your creative journey?

We find inspiration in nature. Whenever we’re feeling creatively burned out, we’ll head out for a nice walk at a park or anywhere with a nice view. Visiting indie concept stores like The Moon has really helped inspire us. It’s amazing to see what other small businesses are doing and have achieved!

The beautiful Jaded Chains candles are available in-store and online for you to experience all that the candles have to offer!