When The Harmony Tarot first arrived at the store, I was extremely drawn to it’s purple matte packaging. The fonts used and simplistic yet intricate details on the print just took my greedy tarot loving heart away.

This set consists of 78 cards in total, all inclusive of the major and minor arcana in the traditional tarot, but here’s the twist—way beyond divination, this deck offers perspectives focused on physical, emotional and mental well-being.

In my personal journey when dealing with emotional and mental well-being (and disorders), I have discovered the means of using the tarot as a tool for guidance, all starting out as a skeptic. What The Harmony Tarot offers with its floral graphics and association to nature is a direction that traditional tarot cards might not immediately offer for beginners.


Now if you are looking to learn to read the tarot across all differing media in various illustration styles, many would recommend the classic Rider Waite deck. However, if you’re looking to explore tarot in a way which aligns for you as an individual, and if a holistic approach with focus on self-love is what you seek, The Harmony Tarot is a deck I’d love to recommend for your consideration.

Each suit in the minor arcana is represented by a different flower, and I personally love how the minor arcana is so simply illustrated with increasing numbers of blossomed flowers, in correlation to the numbers on each individual suit. The cards are also indicated with roman numerals which helps with identifying which card in the independent suits they are. The florals do take a bit of time for association between the traditional suits but that is something that will naturally be built with frequent usage.

The major arcana in comparison, is depicted with representations of nature in many forms. Through forests, cliffs, orchards and even in the minute details with bees and butterflies, there are so many things that can be drawn out for interpretations. This is something I personally appreciate when having my readings supplemented with additional decks for clarity as a tarot reader.

The names on the major arcana are named differently in comparison to the traditional tarot, and this might be confusing to some. With that being said, I would like to encourage anyone who uses this deck to lean into the guidebook for support with reading the major arcana, otherwise in finding and building your own relationship and finding your own meanings in each major arcana if you feel called to not have it be associated with the traditional tarot. This might take a bit of work on trusting your personal intuition, but isn’t that the beauty of exploring craft in any other mediums?


What I enjoy when using this deck is in providing guidance with a clear focus on well-being in the readings I offer. Many of my recipients have particularly enjoyed the visuals of the deck and in the messages that have come through using these cards in supplement to my favourite Ethereal Visions Tarot Deck (hello soothing pastel visuals).

With an increased awareness in self-care and well-being in the recent years, The Harmony Tarot is definitely a deck to consider as a tool for guidance in these aspects. If this is something you’d love for yourself or to gift a loved on, drop us a request and we’ll add your name onto our pre-order list!

x Pearlyn (The Moon's Resident Tarot Reader)