It’s April and we’re already neck deep in Aries season. Other than its correspondence to the fresh rush of spring, Aries season is also a time to get things moving- so make sure you take charge and kick your plans into action if you haven’t done so already.

What’s different about this Aries season is the much-anticipated Jupiter Neptune Conjunction in Pisces culminating between 8th April to 17th April 2022. Let’s unpack that together to see what it’s about, and how we can work with this energy. And yes, in case you’re wondering, everyone can work with this energy and placement- whether you have a Pisces placement or not.

The planets Jupiter and Neptune

In Astrology, Jupiter governs luck and abundance. It’s where we have faith, feel confident and powerful enough to stake a claim and expand ourselves rightfully. As a benefic, its principal purpose is to make big, make good, make full.

Neptune, on the other hand, is a planet that works to dissolve and transcend boundaries. While it does have the unfortunate reputation of making things unclear and uncertain, it also injects a certain glamour and magic, an idealisation, a dream.

A conjunction is when two planets come together in the same sign and work in alignment. And boy, does this conjunction feel extra special since it’ll allow us to dream and explore an abundance of possibilities.

Why is a conjunction important?

This conjunction is an important astrological occurrence in a few ways:

  • It’s incredibly rare
    • Jupiter and Neptune conjuncts once every 13 years.
    • This particular conjunction is extra special since it’s happening in the sign of Pisces; the last occurrence was in 1856, which effectively means that this is a once-in-166 years occurrence.
  • It’s most powerful in the sign of Pisces
    • Both Neptune and Pisces rule the sign of Pisces. This means that their influence and effects are particularly pronounced in this placement.

In Pisces

The primary motivation of the Piscean energy is to transcend and move beyond the here-and-now, into the otherworldly. With Pisces, we mobilise our imagination and our spiritual self, surrendering ourselves into the oneness of all that is. This is the energy that Jupiter and Neptune will come together in.

Therefore it is encouraged, nay, it’s paramount that we use and leverage this period of conjunction to create the magic that we are looking for and dreaming about in our lives.

How can we best leverage and work with this energy?

Exercise Your Imagination - Some of you, especially those who work in the domain of the arts, can use this period to explore any ideas that you might have. Write, draw, sing, dance, make music. Allow yourself to explore fully without boundaries, even if it means going beyond your usual medium.

Even if you are not an artist, this is still a good period to explore any ideas you might have and let it burgeon à la stream-of-consciousness style.

Rest and Retreat - Take a break and retreat from the world - a holiday, short sabbatical, vacation.

Taking some time out is a powerful way to connect within - to recalibrate yourself with the oneness of the universe so that you are in a better space to listen, tune in and be with its ebb and flow.

Steep Yourself in Spirituality - This can be with anything: Tarot, Oracle cards, prayers, meditation, yoga etc. Surrender yourself to the great divine and trust it to do its work with you and give you what you want and need.

This is also a good period to extend your intuitive antennae, tune in and receive messages from the great beyond and see what wisdom it has in store for you.

Manifest and Make a Wish - T
his is also a good time to work with the divine to manifest your dreams and desires. So make sure you do a manifestation ritual.

It doesn’t have to be too complicated. It can be as simple as writing and penning down your hopes and wishes, which you can then burn (in a safe way) and send them to the divine to get them to work with you.

Pay Attention to Your Dreams - Pisces is the sign of dreams after all, so having a dream journal beside your bed and jotting them down may not be that bad of an idea. After all, that could be the way in which the divine speaks to you, especially during this period.

This is especially so for those with Aries Rising.

Journal - Get connected with your deepest intuitive self. Allow yourself to write and flow with whatever comes in and see where it takes you.


Journaling Prompts

  1. What have I recently been dreaming about? What’s coming up for me when I think about it?
  2. What are some of the biggest dreams and desires that I have? What is it that I want in my life that consistently eludes me?
  3. What is my intuitive, non-judgemental, benign and compassionate self saying about these dreams and desires that I have?
  4. If there is one small step or practice I can adopt to move myself towards this dream, what would it be?
  5. What’s the one word that’s coming up for me when I think about my dreams and desires?

About the Author

Gabriele is an astrologer, tarot-reader, intuitive guide as well as a coach. He started his astrology journey in 2014 and later set up his practice A Third Eye Seer in 2018.

Gabriele cares deeply about helping people to see themselves clearly and connect with the disavowed, rejected and left behind parts of themselves.

He’s currently working for The Moon as an astrology columnist in the hopes of sharing his astrological knowledge to a wider audience.

You can follow him on his Instagram @gabriele.sees or his Tiktok @gabrielegoh.