I was first introduced to The Wild Unknown Archetypes Deck and Guidebook by Sarah, and from the first time I played with her deck till I purchased my own, this deck has never failed to impress.

It comes packed in two boxes; a square outer case to hold the guidebook that comes with a magnetic lock 😍 (think of the late night ASMR possibilities when diving into this deck), and a circular one to hold all the cards. Opening up this deck for use never fails to make me feel like I'm craving open Pandora’s box to my own inner psyche. The 78 circular cards fit beautifully in the palm of my hand, and can be easily taken out of the box with the help of a ribbon pull.


For those who might be familiar with tarot and oracle decks, this deck is vastly different from what you might have been used to. Based on the famed Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Carl Jung’s writings, The Wild Unknown Oracle relies heavily on his breakdown of archetypes in Depth Psychology. This is a fantastic deck for all who wish to explore their inner realm better, whilst also looking for a medium through which to explore spirituality. The first time I heard of Carl Jung was through my friend Stephanie, who at the time was studying Somatics in Depth Psychology. She had woven in her learnings into a beautiful series of sessions for embodied self expression and journeying which helped me accept parts of myself that never even knew existed.

While I’m no expert in psychology, what I do know is that Kim Krans’ personal journey and studies have awoken her to the realisation of the depths of the personal self, and that is a representation of the possibilities that can be attained through the use of her deck. This beautiful selection of cards has supported me in many tricky, shadow moments and allowed me a deeper understanding of myself, especially in those moments where I allowed myself to be open to introspective thoughts. And for all of you reading who would love to open their minds to understanding the soul, this is a deck that I highly recommend.


The visuals of this deck are not exactly to my preference, but when accompanied with the text in the guidebook, they speak deeply of the archetypal representation and I always am entranced by at least a single element depicted in the mixed media illustrations. The colours are a mix of vibrant rainbow tones in sharp contrast with the blacks and whites. Each card is numbered in roman numerals which can be followed through within the guidebook to flip to your card’s specific message.

What I have gotten out of this deck are plenty of specific moments where I needed affirmation of what my intuition was trying to tell me, but where my conditioned mind wouldn't allow me to accept. Be warned though, the deck can only be understood by those who are open to receiving and understanding that which may be deeply discomforting and triggering within one’s personal shadow.

My guidance on the the best way to use this deck is to be open, and surrender to the messages that come forth. I find it best to either accompany your reading with a meditation or journal through the messages of the card you draw from this deck whenever you use it. The Wild Unknown Archetypes deck is a beautiful, well designed, and intentional tool, and I wish all of you reading who might be called to bring one home many introspective readings and deep healing through it.

x Pearlyn (The Moon's Resident Tarot Reader)