Wildside Gems is a brand that provides ethically sourced and artisanal handmade crystal bracelets. All of their crystal bracelets are saged and cleansed, giving you the best experience with them. Read on to find out more about the formation of this brand!

Q1. Tell us what Wildside Gems is all about, and your role in the production?

Wildside Gems is all about embracing all facets of yourself and expressing the light and dark sides with crystal jewellery. I am a one woman show behind the bracelets - I source everything from ethical packaging, to quality beads.

Q2. What inspired you to create Wildside Gems?

I was inspired to combine my love for crystals, shiny baubles and the desire to make beautiful things to make people happy. It started because my cousins and I were all buying crystal bracelets online but they weren’t to our exact taste. I then made some for them and they, along with some friends liked them which kicked off this business.

Q3. Is there any specific reason for only choosing to make bracelets?

It's only bracelets for now as paired with my day job, the bandwidth I have to expand is quite limited. But I won't deny the possibility of making more varieties of jewellery, the next would possibly be earrings.

Q4. What was the pivotal moment where you decided 'I'm going to do this'?

I was online looking at all the Instagram stores for bracelets and I felt that none fit my aesthetic - I love dreamy mermaid hues, sea-themed ones as well as bracelets with a darker & posh witchy vibe.

Q5. What has the process of developing this brand been like for you?

It has been fun and really fulfilling, especially when customers tell me how much they love their bracelets.

Q6. Was this project a collective idea or was it self initiated?

It was self-initiated!

Q7. What's the story behind your brand's name?

Most of the time in this sterile Asian society, we tend to cover the sides of ourselves we don’t like in the corporate world. I am hoping that my creations, and the message they embody to express our individualities, would give anyone a boost of self-acceptance and confidence in any-setting.

Q8. What was your job scope like before you decided to pursue this project?

My line of work is in the oil and gas industry.

Q9. What do you hope to achieve through the creation of such bracelets?

La Vie Boheme - the bohemian life, but with prettier wrist candy!

Q10. What can the people expect to experience through having one of your bracelets?

I hope they feel more comfortable with themselves and have more confidence in any setting.

Q11. What do you hope for your business to grow into in the long run?

I just hope to be able to continue making items that people are proud to wear.

Q12. What are other brands or experiences that have inspired you over the course of your creative journey?

There are many inspirations of mine, one of such brands would be - Chanel. On top of that, watching and reading mermaid related content helped as well.

Q13. Share with us some of your favourite books and why you love them.

HAHAH, that will take all day. But alright, the book I can't get out of my head - Three Daughters of Eve by Elif Shafak - Shafak is simply a master at tackling pluralistic cultures and giving an engaging an immersive voice to people of opposing mindsets and backgrounds.

Another book from the top of my head would be - Love poems by Carol Ann Duffy, because she is just the best at her craft.

A recent book I read and loved by a local author would be, Formidable Miss Cassidy - it combines Southeast Asian mythology and Mary Poppins-like adventure into one.

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