Chinatown Singapore

Our Bookstore

“With freedom, books, flowers and The Moon, who could not be happy?”

–Oscar wilde–

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Our Books

AT LEAST 50% OF Books at The Moon are BY WOMEN AUTHORS, with an especial focus on writers and artists of colour.

The Moon may be a small place, but our books are bursting at the seams with big ideas. Whether it’s fiction, politics, business or cookery, you’re bound to find your next favourite author waiting for you on one of our busy shelves. (For the more adventurous reader, we recommend our Everything But the Kitchen Sink category, home to books about cannibalism, dinosaurs, the social history of 80s teen fiction and more!)

We also have a dedicated section for young readers, with a colourful array of activity books and storybooks featuring topics that range from modern art to the refugee crisis.

We aim to be a stop along your journey to discovering underrepresented writers, stories and connections. The Moon is a place for stories that better reflect what the world — and the people in it — really look like.

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(& others)

We carry in-house merchandise and consign artwork and products by local makers. Some of the brands we currently have in store are Hush Candle, The Fingersmith Letterpress, Somethings To Keep, Pins & Pongs, Pew Pew Patches.  

I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.
— Jorge Luis Borges