Creative Writing as Self-Care Therapy with Noelle Q. de Jesus


Too many times life throws us curve balls that prove stressful, difficult and depressing, especially during the holiday period. Rather than wallow in the hurt and resentment of disappointing personal relationships or life circumstances, why not find ways to express it in positive creative expression and achieve catharsis?

We're excited to be a hosting a meet and greet session with Noelle Q. de Jesus, writer and author of Cursed and Other Stories (Penguin Random House SEA), and Blood Collected Stories (Ethos Books Singapore) for an afternoon of learning creative expression.

Come and discuss concrete ways to discover your inner creative writer, and learn how to harness this skill to help manage emotional stress, turbulent life circumstances, and other personal challenges.

Noelle will read an excerpt from her new book, Cursed, a collection of short fiction about characters in tough life situations, conduct an audience question and answer round, and we'll conclude the session with a signing of any books purchased by the attendees.

All you need to enter is a drink purchase at The Moon.