Moonbeam: Deep Dive


The Self seeks to express, connect and to heal. Often, our thoughts affect our emotions, which are stored in the Body. Moving through new patterns awakens dormant transformative energies from within, allowing us to release these repressed energies.

Moonbeam invites you to immerse yourself in a two-fold connection, the first: by manifesting compassion towards our physical selves through an inclusive and non-judgmental Yoga practice, and the second: by connecting with those around us through authentic and healthy conversations, setting the foundations of a nurturing community.

Tickets are $35 for each day, or $60 for both sessions.

Free Fall:
A beginner-friendly class where participants are introduced to the discipline of Yoga in a stress-free environment and encouraged to practice at their own pace. It is an invitation to make the practice their own without any pressure of achieving poses or outperforming others.

Deep Dive:
A session for practitioners of all levels seeking to immerse themselves in meaningful and transformational movement. Be guided through invigorating sequences of increasingly complex and beautiful transitions, eventually arriving at a deeper understanding of the practice on a physical and philosophical level.