Sun / Light / Moon


In sun / light / moon, you are invited on a three part integrative well-being workshop. Join us as we embark on a journey into the mystical and wondrous world of the self, through mindful journaling, art as therapy, yoga and meditation. Together, we’ll explore how we can channel the energies of the sun, light, and the moon, working with them to create a space for yourself.

This three-part workshop will take place over three consecutive Saturdays. Each two and a half hour session will include space for self-reflection, art creation, movement and stillness. You are free to choose a three-day pass to explore the connections between sun, light and moon, or a one-day pass, to focus on the element dearest to you. These sessions are suited to all levels of participants.

Please bring with you a yoga mat or towel, as well as a journal and any art making materials you would like to work with! If you don’t have them, some will be provided for you. 



Explore the radiance of the Sun as we begin with an energising yoga asana practice, before moving into empowerment and self-esteem exercises. We’ll journal to discover your best possible self and relive your happiest moments so you can find your own strength again. Lastly, we’ll create sigils for your greater good, by dipping into the magic of friendship!



Tap into your Light to discover clarity and perspective. In this session, we’ll discover how your breath and body can invigorate and inspire you. As always, intention setting is as deeply necessary as it is powerful, so we’ve created space for you to do so. We’ll learn how to invite magic into your life as we reframe what it means to conduct a ritual. To close off, we’ll map out (literally) the best self-care practice for you.



We invite the presence of the Moon into our virtual space through lunar breathwork. As we step into her lunar embrace, we’ll explore journaling and a guided exercise for working with the inner child. Learn how to create an altar for your own peace and purpose with us, before ending in stillness. With yoga nidra, you will be guided to the level of consciousness associated with deep sleep and relaxation.


A limited number of scholarships are available for LGBTQ+ folks and other marginalised people (including, but not limited to, disabled and lower-income folks, and ethnic minorities). Please email with the subject 'scholarship' for details, or for other enquiries. We regret that the sessions are not wheelchair accessible at the moment. 



Leanna believes that yoga and meditation should be accessible to all, conducted with respect and without judgement. She runs Unapologetic Yoga, a yoga community for everyone, especially marginalised people. Find her at or on Instagram @unapologeticyoga.

Aqilah works to address community mental health needs and is currently training to be an Art Psychotherapist. She believes tremendously in radical care. Find her on Instagram @aqisolodancing.

Irie’s passions range from mental health to art to advocacy. They believe that these all should be combined, and in radical softness. They are the editor-in-chief of the intersectional feminist print zine The Local Rebel, and an open mic night organiser at dink. Find them or on Instagram @rie.set