Singa-Pura-Pura: Malay Speculative Fiction from Singapore


Edited and translated by Nazry Bahrawi

Very little of Malay speculative fiction from Singapore is known to Anglophone readers here and beyond. Yet contemporary Bahasa literature here is steeped in spec-fic writing that can account as a literary movement (aliran)— and unmistakably draws from the minority Malay experience in a city obsessed with progress.

As a harbinger of what can be called ‘aliran Singa-Pura-Pura’, especially to an anglophone- dominated Singlit genre, editor and translator Nazry Bahrawi brings together an exciting selection of never-before translated and new spec-fic stories by established writers like Hassan Hasaa’Ree Ali and Farihan Bahron as well as emerging voices like Diana Rahim and nor.