What’s Your Reproductive Career Plan? With Fig Health


Reproduction is a journey with many different paths. Do you have a goal? Do you understand your options? Do you know how to get there? It’s time to start thinking about your reproductive journey as a career and visualize your future.

Join us for an intimate fireside chat as Debra Loi shares her personal battles with hormonal imbalances, followed by a creative visualization workshop from the founder of Fig. You will learn how to tap into your personal aspirational goals and map out your reproductive career progression.

About the Facilitator

Fig Health is on a mission to empower all women to understand and manage their reproductive health, proactively, whatever their life goals may be. The company is revolutionizing outdated practices and improving patient care through direct-to-consumer offerings - including at-home women’s health screens, natural evidence-based supplements, and personalized bite-sized digital coaching by experts across the spectrum of care.