All Hearts Day: Chocolate Making Workshop

All Hearts Day: Chocolate Making Workshop


Join us this 10 February as we embark on an introductory chocolate-making workshop with Alaine Handa, the chokladbollar-rolling extraordinaire. Chokladbollar is a stunning Swedish delicacy that sounds exactly like what it is: delectable #chocolate balls that you’ll devour in an instant. Just in time for Valentine’s Day (or All Hearts Day in Sweden!)

You can also pick up Alaine’s cookbook in the store - In Search of the Best Swedish Chokladbollar - if you’d like to bring her recipes home and roll up this sweet treat for your #valentine.

“In search of the best Swedish chokladbollar” signed book by the author will be available at 15% off if you sign up for this event!

Sample “sju sorters chokladbollar” a.k.a. seven different types of chocolate balls made by Alaine. Don’t worry, they are made of oats!

You’ll go home with a box of chocolates, and we’ll also be pairing your sweet treats with complimentary coffee or espresso during the workshop. Limited spaces available for the workshop, so reserve a spot quickly!

Ready to Roll!