Full Moon Meditation (September)

Full Moon Meditation (September)



Full moons are a time where everything is heightened — a powerful opportunity to take stock of your emotions and use the moon’s potency to either harness or release emotions.

Grow in the glow of this September’s full moon with The Moon’s guided group meditation. Run by the dynamic Jette Virdi, this session will teach us how to release our fears and negative emotions while tapping into shared energies in order to invite better dreams, intentions and support to each other’s lives.

What to expect at this guided meditation:

- A relaxed, comfortable and safe space
- There’ll be crystals, essential oils and even some sage smudging throughout the guided meditation!
- A calming post-meditation tea

What to bring:
- Relaxed, loose-fitting clothes
- A yoga mat if preferred (cushions will be provided)
- Any crystals of your own that you would like to channel. (Not sure how to work with crystals? No worries, we’ll be taking questions as we go!)

All are welcome to attend! Tickets are $20 each, and limited to 20 participants on a first-come-first-served basis.

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