from 35.00

OCTOBER 13 & 27 | SUNDAYS | 10AM-11:30AM
Tickets are $35 for Yoga Zero + Dialogue, $35 for Power Vinyasa + Dialogue, and $60 for both sessions.

A Yoga and Dialogue Session held by Raphael Revindran, and featuring Aaron Tan, Yoga Teacher and Host of the #MostlyYogaPodcast.

Held in two parts on separate dates, a beginner-friendly class will take place on the 13th October, and a class for all levels followed by a Dialogue Session will be held on the 27th. On both dates, participants are invited to enjoy a complimentary selection of teas after the classes.

  • 13th October; Sunday; 1000-1100: Yoga Zero (Beginner-friendly), followed by Dialogue Session with Aaron Tan

  • 27th October; Sunday; 1000-1130: Power Vinyasa (All-levels), followed by Dialogue Session with Raphael Revindran

What you can expect:

You will be led through Breathwork, Meditation, and a dynamic yet grounding Yoga sequence designed to ease beginners into the discipline and deepen the practice of more experienced practitioners.

A Safe Space
Regardless of your experience, Moonshine invites you into a space of self-acceptance and compassion. Move, Flow, and Be in the present moment without judgment or expectations.

Tea and Conversation
After the session, participants are invited to enjoy a selection of complimentary teas provided by The Moon. Join us for a time of networking with like-minded practitioners and quality conversations!

About the Teacher:
Raphael is a Yoga Teacher (Nithya Priyan School of Yoga) and Parkour Coach (MOVE Academy Singapore). He specialises in guiding others towards achieving a state of Flow through mindfulness and moving meditation by drawing on the serenity of Yoga and the vigour of Parkour.

His passion lies in teaching in the Hatha and Vinyasa styles, and he places deep emphasis on smooth transitions and transformation from within. Allow Raphael to guide you on a transformative journey towards self-mastery, where movement is experienced as a constant flux that leads to inner strength and peace within.

Participants are to bring along a Yoga mat and come dressed in any comfortable attire allowing freedom of movement. If necessary, do bring a towel and water.

For bookings/enquiries, please contact Raphael at 91797454 or reach out through any of the following:

Instagram: @enso.flow