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Menstrual Wellness Workshops
from 30.00

Join us for a four-session long series of Menstrual Wellness! Jette, founder of ilo, will be taking you through the different areas to support and nourish your body through the menstrual cycle. Our menstrual health is a great indicator of our overall health so by understanding it we can greatly improve how we feel, our every day lives and our emotional wellbeing. 

1st Session – Menstrual Cycle: The what, how, and why
12 March 2019 | Tuesday | 6pm–7pm | 20 participants @ $30

Jette will be talking about the ins and outs of your hormone changes as you go through your menstrual cycle and why knowing these can truly improve your life; including the seasons of your cycle, the hormonal changes, the physical symptoms and also why knowing these seasons can be vital and also your period can and should be celebrated and a joy. 

Everyone will get an ilo period journal which teaches you to get back in tune with their body and truly understand their cycle.

2nd Session – Food for your Cycle: Learn to support and nourish your body during your cycle
23 March 2019 | Saturday | 11am – 12nn | 20 participants @ $45 

Jette is a trained chef and used to be a vegan private chef as well, and she’ll be sharing about the food that helps to nourish and support our bodies! We'll be talking about how different foods can help your hormones and physical symptoms of PMS during the different Seasons of your Cycle, from seed cycling to fluid intake. There'll even be some tasty nibbles and a recipe book of five free recipes. 

3rd Session – A lovely stretch for a Sunday: Movement for your Cycle
7 April 2019 | Sunday | 1 - 1.5hrs, Time TBC | 20 participants @ $45

Learn different yoga and pilates poses that can energise you or support you through your cycle! A physical workshop, we’ll be looking at movement that can help with PMS symptoms, hormone surges and general wellbeing. You’ll get vital yoga poses to take away that you can use by yourself every month to help your body and it's symptoms. For the second half, Jette will lead in a meditation to nourish the soul. 

4th Session – Essential Oils for your cycle: Make your own blend!
20 April | Saturday | 1 - 1.5hrs, Time TBC | 20 participants @ $55

A hands on workshop to make your own very own blend specifically for your body to that will help with symptoms such as cramps, hormone fluctuations and emotional wellbeing, and you’ll get to take home your own bottle of oil.

Join us for a complete set of this series or sign up for each class individually! It will be $150 for all four sessions, instead of the U.P. at $$175.

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