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Moonshine: Power Vinyasa & Dialogue

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OCTOBER 13 & 27 | SUNDAYS | 10AM-11:30AM
Tickets are $35 for Yoga Zero + Dialogue, $35 for Power Vinyasa + Dialogue, and $60 for both sessions.

A Yoga and Dialogue Session held by Raphael Revindran, and featuring Aaron Tan, Yoga Teacher and Host of the #MostlyYogaPodcast.

Held in two parts on separate dates, a beginner-friendly class  followed by a Dialogue Session will take place on the 13th October, and a class for all-levels will be held on the 27th. On both dates, participants are invited to enjoy a complimentary selection of teas after the classes.

  • 13th October | Sunday, 1000-1130: Yoga Zero (Beginner-friendly), followed by Dialogue Session with Raphael Revindran

  • 27th October | Sunday, 1000-1130: Power Vinyasa (All-levels), followed by Dialogue Session with Aaron Tan

What you can expect:

You will be led through Breathwork, Meditation, and a dynamic yet grounding Yoga sequence designed to ease beginners into the discipline and deepen the practice of more experienced practitioners.

A Safe Space:
Regardless of your experience, Moonshine invites you into a space of self-acceptance and compassion. Move, Flow, and Be in the present moment without judgment or expectations.

Tea and Conversation:
After the session, participants are invited to enjoy a selection of complimentary teas provided by The Moon. Join us for a time of networking with like-minded practitioners and quality conversations!

Our Instructor:
Raphael’s passion lies in teaching in the Hatha and Vinyasa styles, and he places deep emphasis on smooth transitions and transformation from within. Allow Raphael to guide you on a transformative journey towards self-mastery, where movement is experienced as a constant flux that leads to inner strength and peace within.

Our Guest Panelist:
Aaron Tan is a Yoga Teacher and Host of the #MostlyYogaPodcast. He has sat down with notable figures in the Yoga scene, such as Erica Tenggara, Carmen Aguilar, and Hiro Landazuri. Beyond Yoga, he particularly enjoys Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) and long walks on the beach. You can find out more about what he does on Instagram and Spotify podcast.

Dialogue Session:
The theme of the dialogue will be: “Connection & the Awareness of Sm(all) Things”, with key questions centered around:

  • The Connection between Body, Mind, and Breath

  • Coordinating the Movement with the Breath

  • Building Awareness of Subtle Sensations and Experiences

What to Bring:

Participants are to bring along a Yoga mat and come dressed in any comfortable attire allowing freedom of movement. If necessary, do bring a towel and water.

about the instructor:

Raphael is a Yoga Teacher (Nithya Priyan School of Yoga) and Parkour Coach (MOVE Academy Singapore). He specialises in guiding others towards achieving a state of Flow through mindfulness and moving meditation by drawing on the serenity of Yoga and the vigour of Parkour.

from 35.00

In lieu of non-attendance, there will be no refunds.