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Emotional Freedom Workshop with Jette Virdi


This workshop will focus on self-limiting beliefs - the things we tell ourselves to keep us small. We'll dive deep into where our negative thoughts come from - internal or external and then we'll create our own positive affirmations to counterbalance these self-limiting beliefs.

We'll also look at mantras and how and when to use them. A mantra is something to boost confidence, or your self-worth, or perhaps when you’re feeling anxiety. Mantras come in all forms and we'll also be discovering which ones work best just for you.

"I got this."

"I completely, deeply love and accept and forgive myself.”

Come for a time of healing in comfortable clothes, bring journal and pen, and even your crystals if you’d like.


about the instructor:

Jette Virdi is a former stylist and photographer who, after the birth of her daughter in 2018, decided that something within the female wellness industry had to change, specifically in menstrual health. She is the founder of ilo, which was created to empower girls and boys, women and men understand menstrual health and menstrual cycles. She also works one-to-one with females to support them on their quest to a better mindset and to create their vision of an impactful life.

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