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Ilo: Menstrual Cycle - What, How, Why


1st Session: Menstrual Cycle: The What, How and Why!

19 March 2019 | Tuesday | 6pm - 7pm | 20 participants @ $30

Jette will be talking about the ins and outs of your hormone changes as you go through your menstrual cycle and why knowing these can truly improve your life; including the seasons of your cycle, the hormonal changes, the physical symptoms and also why knowing these seasons can be vital and also your period can and should be celebrated and a joy. 

Everyone will get an ilo period journal which teaches you to get back in tune with their body and truly understand their cycle.

Join us for a complete set of this series or sign up for each class individually! It will be $150 for all four sessions, instead of the U.P. at $175.

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About Jette & Ilo

Jette is a former stylist and photographer who, after the birth of her daughter in 2018, decided that something within the female wellness industry had to change, specifically menstrual health. She founded ilo as an empowering educator to help girls and boys, women and men understand menstrual health and menstrual cycles. Mainstream sanitary products are loaded with known carcinogens and toxins and have more recently been linked to fertility issues, hormonal problems and endometriosis. On average you'll have your period for 6 days a month, 12 months a year for over 40 years - a very long tie to put does after does of chemicals and known toxins into your body. Jette's company ilo, provides 100% organic cotton sanitary products which are free from chemicals and toxins which means they're safe and non toxic for your body but also 100% biodegradable which means great for the environment as over 100billion sanitary products are thrown away globally each year.

ilo believes that everyone should have access to safe and non toxic menstrual products and that's why we donate 50% of our profits back to fighting period poverty. Make the change for your body and the environment today. Join ilo and be the change.

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