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Shibusa Atelier: Melt + Pour Soap Workshop

Shibusa Soaps: Soap Making
from 50.00

Join Amanda from Shibusa Atelier for another weekend of therapeutic and educational soap making workshops! She’ll be sharing the process of making melt and pour soap with soap bases, essential oils, powders and seeds/flowers for texture and colour. The melt and pour soap making technique is safe for both children and adults to use at home, and it's perfect as a fast, handmade and natural gift.

In this workshop, you'll get hands-on practice to produce two soaps:

  • 1 x moon soap with bentonite clay, lemon, bergamot and cedarwood essential oil

  • 1 x bar soap with any essential oil and topping of your choice provided by us.

Participants will be required to bring 3-4 microwaveable containers for melting soap, and another regular container for bringing the soap home. Participants can also make more soap bars at an additional $10 a bar (paid on the spot).

Choose one of the five sessions, and when you sign up as a pair for 10% off!

Slots are limited to 10 per session. We reserve the right to cancel or re-schedule a session if we do not reach the minimum number of participants.

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