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Gong Bathing Meditation


19 JULY ‘19 | 7.30PM – 8.30PM

A full moon holds different significance across many cultures. For some, it is believed to symbolise the rhythm of time, and in others, it has spiritual and religious significance. To us, it’s a completion of cycle; a time to reflect and re-center. After our phenomenal and sold out last experience with the Gong Bathing Meditation, we’ll be hosting another session this July. Bathing in the moon light, the experience is designed to restore energy fields, rebalance the rebalance the body’s frequencies, and rejuvenate the entire being, while alleviating stress and clearing the mind. This therapeutic experience will induce a theta state where our brainwave frequencies range from 4 to 7 Hz. These frequencies allow our body to relax completely, putting us in the state where energy shifts and deep healing are possible.

About Moon Maiden, Serene:
Serene believes that sound is the medicine of the future. She completed her Gong training at Red Doors Studio in Hong Kong last spring, and since then, she aspires to inspire others to manifest their destinies through meditation and conscious relaxation. Visit for more yoga therapy classes.

Ticketed at $20 per participant, and limited to 30 participants.

Gong Bathing Meditation
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