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One Year on The Moon

  • The Moon 37 Mosque Street Singapore (map)
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Lo and behold—September is here!
And if you haven't been told
It's been almost a year!
With your help we've struck gold,
So we'd like to spread cheer
With your Friends who are bold
And the Ones we hold dear!
We thank you again for a whole wonderful year!

Come join the party! Celebrate with us and get early bird tickets online before the event.

General Entry
sold out
Quick View
15.00 18.00
General Entry + Tarot Reading
sold out
Quick View
30.00 38.00
General Entry + Temp Tatts
sold out
Quick View
30.00 38.00

Ticketing Guide:

General Entry = 1 pax, access to the musical performances upstairs
Tarot = 1 pax, access to musical performances + 1 Tarot Reading
Tattoo = 1 pax, access to musical performances + 1 Tattoo Session

Performances by:


A/K/A Sounds

DJ,co-founderofATTAGIRL! + BAOWBAOW Tattoo apprentice/designer/lecturer by day, and bedroom party fiend by night, A/K/ASOUNDS is still youngling to the scene. Amanda continues to show an impressive work rate, guest DJing in cities such as London, Antwerp, Brussels, Berlin, Munich, Amsterdam, Bali,Tokyo, Mumbai etc. and playing at festivals like ZoukOut, OutlookJapan and St Jerome’s Laneway Festival. She’s also played alongside some of the most respected DJs/beatmakers in the world such as Chicks on Speed, DJ Krush, Mr Carmack, Kingdom, Danny Scrilla, ITOA, Madam X, RP Boo, and also had guest mixes on platforms such as,, Lush 99.5fm, Diskotopia,, Netil Radio etc. She previously held a regular show on the now defunct RadarRadio station where she introduced not only South-East Asian musicians, but also other international guests on her platform. (Photo credit: Marisse Caine)


Daniel Peters

Daniel Peters writes about music from time to time, and he also plays jams at parties. Sometimes they work. Sometimes they're 15-minute jazz tunes (which can work too!)


Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation will be venturing through an eclectic mix of jazz, boss nova, contemporary classical music and 60s pop ballads. He hopes for the music to sit comfortably in the background, where conversations take precedence – crafting the atmosphere for the rest of the evening.


Abby Simone (+ Vishaal Raaj)

Sherry Abigail who is known by her stage name, Abby Simone, has been writing out her emotions since she was 15. What started out as poems later turned to songs. She writes about love, breakups the make-ups and how she's struggled to get to where she is right now. Some people find it easy to share their stories online, but Abby turns her stories to songs and hopes that at least someone relates and realize that they aren''t the only ones feeling the way they do.Her stylistic approach has been one of the reasons why people are drawn to her stories because she never settles to please the society instead stands out and reminds herself that staying true to herself is one of her few satisfaction in this musical journey. In her words, "As long as I have my hands and voice, I'll never stop writing and singing".

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Chris Hong

Chris Hong is a polygenreous musician, who enjoys both opera and screamo in the same playlist. He also enjoys ice cream despite being lactose intolerant. While writing this bio, Chris has gotten distracted in-between every sentence scrolling through twitter. A triple scorpio, he is a committment-phobe who struggles to finish anything he starts and—


Temporary Tattoos by Henndrawn

Henndrawn is a Temporary Body Art Collective established in 2016 in a bid to challenge the stigma of permanent tattoos. Over at Henndrawn, we specialise in drawing freehand temporary tattoos, that resemble actual ones using Jagua ink which last for 10 - 14 days.

Tarot Readings by:

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An expert at interpreting tarot cards, Elaine works with tarot primarily for clarification and creative inspiration. She treats the tarot system as a science, though she also believes in the divine and metaphysical properties the cards invoke. Tarot can be used for anything, from interpreting the day-to-day mundane to getting in touch with deeper parts of the self, or even both at the same time. Recently, she has been exploring the creative properties of tarot through writing and creating literary-inspired spreads. See her work at @tarotonthemoon.

Earlier Event: September 17
Full Moon Meditation (September)