Acrylic & Oil on Stretched Canvas
100cm x 100cm
Pick up at The Moon

Part of this conversation about the creative process brought me to a heightened curiosity about auroras. How were they formed? What made them colour and light up the way they did?

Quick geek moment here: I came to discover that the brilliance of the aurora was the cause of molecular collision in the atmospheric flow. When fast-moving electrons come in contact with gases in the Earth’s atmosphere, it results in the release of photons, also known as light. The colours of the auroras are determined by specific type molecules and atoms, and where they were formed.

It was comforting to learn that this beautiful light dance was quite simply put, the consequence of a certain form of disruption. I wanted the same for my narrative; to find the colours I would never have otherwise, were it not for its disruptions. In the same way auroras are most visible in the darkest and coldest conditions, I did not want to miss the colours that were passing me by in the winter chapters: the ones of heartache, isolation, frustrations and agonising plot twists.

Somehow, I hope that in the unexpected collision and unplanned roadblocks, you meet breathtaking people, cross into untraversed grounds and find unexplainable treasures. I hope that the disruptions that come your way will turn your once mapped out plans into adventures, and that of placid skies into canvases of captivating auroras. I hope you’ll make and discover colours in the ache and in the bedlam, and at the end of it, find more than you ever lost.