Self Portrait 3.0

Self Portrait 3.0


Acrylic & Oil on Stretched Canvas
100cm x 100cm
Pick up at The Moon

We are an ocean of colour and texture—each offering different hues, representing an endless world of stories and scars; and whether or not the cause of our collision happens through the intertwining of each others’ lives, or through narratives flowing alongside each other, beautiful things happen.

Some years ago, I started a little thing I called the Heart Portraits Series.

The idea was to paint a whole series inspired by the people I loved. I started thinking of colour the way I thought of these specific friends; detailing their nuances, their words, and the colours they made me feel. Many times, the pieces ended up becoming love letters back to them.

Self Portrait 3.0 is another work in progress; a piece I wanted to dedicate time to, to remember the colour, the faces, and the conversations I’ve found my soul intertwining with, in the process. It is the noise on the canvas that catches your second glance, the places of incalculable collision that takes your breath. It is in these points of chaos that the narrative between where we are and where we want to be is recorded.

This is the tale of unreasonable hope, the fight of a soul that believes there is more to be found than lost even in the losses.