The Moon had such a warm and welcoming energy and it really was something special.

My first visit to The Moon was a welcome reprieve from the hustle of Hong Kong: a little sanctuary on Mosque Street. From their aromatic teas served in the famous golden teapots, to the beautifully curated bookshelves and window displays, it was always a treat for the senses.
– Ainsley

I loved going there alone for some solitude – having that moment to reflect, relax, indulge in the books and consume the best chai latte known to man.

I’m torn over picking my fondest memories of The Moon, as I have many. I loved going there with my friends, enjoying a cuppa together before heading upstairs for a gong bath, then floating home blissfully.  Damn I miss those!
– Andria

My pile of special reads from The Moon is high, and will keep on growing…

On my first visit to The Moon, I struck up a conversation with the founder, Sarah, while swooning over books – and ended up staying for hours. It was the first of many treasured visits, spent collecting beautiful books, reigniting a love for tarot and joining one special Samhain ceremony. I’ll miss heading up those stairs to bliss out over gong baths and full moon meditations, and dropping by just to linger over a Moon Milk.
– Selina