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Hi I'm Eve and I use the Tarot as a tool for introspection. The Tarot taps deep into our own intuition and energy – which may be frustrated by situations or people or noise.

My mission is to use the Tarot to facilitate a meaningful conversation about life, love, hope, fears and everything in between, and to inspire you with courage and clarity. 

Eve's Offerings

Eve is available for zoom & in-person Tarot readings exclusively at The Moon.

Finding your Spark | Individual Reading
30 minutes - $60
60 minutes - $100

A one-on-one affirming and empowering Tarot session with Eve. Are you trying to get un-stuck in a tricky situation? What’s really bothering you about that relationship? Are you at Life’s crossroads where all the options seem equally good (or equally bad) and you can’t seem to make a decision? Let Eve use the Tarot with you, to find your spark and use your own light to shine on the path ahead!

In Good Company
Group Reading (2-3pax only), 60 minutes - $55 per pax

Curious about the Tarot? Have always wanted to know how the Tarot works but not sure if you want a solo reading? We hear you! That’s why we have a special offering - group Tarot readings by Eve. Bring your buddy or BFF and sit down over a cup of tea with Eve. She will do Tarot readings for you and your friends together in our cosy safe space, where you will feel heard and supported.