In person tarot reading will be paused till further notice. Meanwhile, all sessions will be conducted over zoom.

How to book a reading

Our tarot session is listed onto Mindbody with our sister brand, Lunar Leaves.
You may book a reading from the Mindbody app or the Mindbody website from the links below.

Download the Mindbody app:

1. Create account or sign in with Mindbody
2. Search for Lunar Leaves
3. Click on View Schedule and select Appointments to view options
4. Select the duration and date you would like, and book an appointment


1. Am I allowed to reschedule my appointment?

You will need to cancel your current appointment on the Mindbody app or website, and rebook a separate session. Please kindly note that there will be no refunds for any cancellation less than 12 hours before your booked session.

2. Am I allowed to bring a friend for my tarot reading?

For each individual reading, it is meant to be a 1 to 1 session with either of our tarot readers. If you'd like to have a reading together with your friends or as a couple, kindly book the group reading under Eve's tarot reading or 2 separate consecutive sessions with Pearlyn!

3. What do I need to do or bring for the reading?

It would be best for you to prepare the questions that you like to seek clarity for before the session. For physical readings, a notepad and pen will be provided for you to write down notes during the session with our tarot reader.

4. Can I book a follow up session with the tarot reader on the spot during my session?

As the availability of the tarot reading slots will be updated in real time on the Mindbody app and website, it is best for you to book a follow up session on directly on Mindbody app or website after your session to secure your next reading with our tarot reader.