The tarot originated as a pack of playing cards that has origins in mid-15th century Europe. Over time, it has been adapted and been used as a tool of divination and fortune-telling across cultures and continents.

Here at The Moon, we believe in the power of tarot as a tool to understand ourselves better, facilitate conversation and to equip us with alternative perspectives on situations that might be confusing to understand without the help of our innate intuition.

Are you looking for new perspectives or guidance on career, relationships or where you’re at in life through the art of tarot? Book a tarot card reading in Singapore with our in-house experts, Eve & Tony of Eventually Tarot.

Get to know

Eve & Tony

Hi, we are Eve and Tony, and we use the Tarot as a tool for introspection. The Tarot taps deep into our own intuition and energy – which may be frustrated by situations or people or noise.

Our mission is to use the Tarot to facilitate a meaningful conversation about life, love, hope, fears and everything in between, and to inspire you with courage and clarity.

Eventually Tarot's Offering

Eve and Tony are available for zoom & in-person Tarot readings exclusively at The Moon.

Finding your Spark | Individual Reading
30 minutes - $60
60 minutes - $100

A one-on-one affirming and empowering Tarot session. Are you trying to get un-stuck in a tricky situation? What’s really bothering you about that relationship? Are you at Life’s crossroads where all the options seem equally good (or equally bad) and you can’t seem to make a decision? Let’s use the Tarot to find your spark and use your own light to shine on the path ahead!

In Good Company
Group Reading (2-3pax only), 60 minutes - $55 per pax

Curious about the Tarot? Have always wanted to know how the Tarot works but not sure if you want a solo reading? We hear you! That’s why we have a special offering - group Tarot readings.

Bring your buddy or BFF for a Tarot reading in our cosy safe space, where you will feel heard and supported.

Beautiful & curated tarot decks

Are you a serious tarot lover, a seasoned card reader or simply appreciate the art of tarot? Delve into The Moon’s collection of unique and hard-to-find tarot decks from around the world. Our curation includes beautiful designs, limited edition decks and tarot cards for collectors.