The Tarot is a pack of 78 playing cards, that has origins in mid-15th century Europe. Over time, the tarot has adapted, changed forms and been used as a tool of divination and fortune-telling across cultures and continents.

Here at The Moon, we believe in the power of tarot as a tool to understand ourselves better, facilitate conversation and to equip us with alternative perspectives on situations that might be confusing to understand without the help of our innate intuition.

We provide tarot card reading services, deck consultations, and curate classic and artistic decks from all around the world.

In person tarot reading will resume from 17th December, Friday. In-person readings will only be available on Fridays with Pearlyn. Meanwhile, all sessions will be conducted over zoom.

Thorough and enjoyable workshop

I love how Eve went into the detail of each card, explaining the meaning behind each figure and symbol. With a story, it makes recalling the meaning of the cards easier and I can practice my daily reading more smoothly.

I love my daily card pulls

I really enjoyed learning how to read a spread for myself. I think the workshop has a great balance of theory and practical. It helped me to understand how I can interpret the cards in relation to each other and now became a daily meditation practice.