international women's day

Fundraising Event

5th - 7th March 2021 @ The Moon.

Join us on this 3-day retreat, filled with experts, artists, professionals, sharing their know-how on how to explore life to the hilt!

Planned in collaboration with Tru Social, all the profits and proceeds from these sessions will go towards uplifting women in maoist communities in North Eastern India.

Tru Social is on a quest of transforming lives through building communities for positive menstruation by educating and empowering menstruators in urban & rural spaces.

For donations, please do so here.


Protein Bakeshop is giving a protein ball to each participant for any of our workshops at Tru Change.

Food That Loves You Back
Their brand of Protein Truffles are gluten free, grain free, vegetarian and contain no refined sugar. They’re all about ensuring you're snacking right and healthy without compromising on taste and truly are a brand that believes in providing food that Loves you Back.


Yoga Superfuel is giving their superfood cookies to each participant for the select workshops at Tru Change.

About Yoga Superfuel
Inspired by Yoga, we stand for the Balance between Great Nutrition and Taste. So that snacking can be nutritious too. Our Cookies are packed with all the natural superfoods your body loves minus the refined junk it does not! Less sugar and more flavour. So that you can feel good (not guilty) about having a cookie! Try our five unique flavours: Turmeric, Cocoa, Ginger, Fig and Almond.