October Blue Moon Box


Here’s something to look forward to once in a Blue Moon: our book box that’s timed for every full moon!

Sometimes it's hard to break out of our comfort zones and pick up a title that, at a first glance, isn't exactly up our alleys. We believe it's important to venture out of these comfort zones, and give something new a try. You never know what you might discover.

The Blue Moon box is a subscription service, currently with two available tiers. 

Tier 1 contains a novel – a debut from a writer to watch, a highly anticipated new release, or a deep cut – and an assortment of merchandise and gorgeous paper goods from our retail partners and in-house designers.

Tier 2 contains all of the items in the first tier plus premium merchandise and an additional book. This is the tier for the adventurous reader! The additional book could be a novel with an experimental form, a thought-provoking short story collection, or a book of essays that grapples with difficult but essential ideas. 

The Blue Moon box is a fantastic way to expand your home library, and also makes a wonderful gift for the bibliophiles in your life. 

1. When will the box be mailed out/ready for pickup?
Each box is prepared for the end of the month. If you've made your purchase on the 10th of the month, your box will be ready by 1st week of the following month.

2. What if I get a book I already have?
You have great taste in books - but unfortunately, we cannot swap the books from individual boxes in case you already have the title. 

3. What if I want to change my address/delivery method?
Please email us at orders@themoon.com.sg with your order number and change of address, and we'll be happy to make the change for you.