Finding My Father: His Century-Long Journey from World War I Warsaw and My Quest to Follow


Long before she was the acclaimed author of a groundbreaking book about women and men, Deborah Tannen was a little girl who adored her father. As she grew up and he grew old, she spent untold hours with her father, recording their conversations and taking notes. He handed her a journal he kept when he was young—and showed her another he said she could have after his death, all for the account of his life she promised him she'd write. In this memoir, Deborah fulfills her promise to her father, embarking on the poignant, yet perilous, quest to piece together the puzzle of her father's life. As Deborah comes to better understand her father's—and her own—relationship to Judaism, she also uncovers aspects of her father's life she would never have imagined.

Finding My Father is a memoir of Eli Tannen's life and the ways it reflects the near century that he lived.