Hello Numbers! What Can You Do?: An Adventure Beyond Counting


In the emptiest space, on the blankest of page,
There exists so much nothing that it needs a name!
Like Zip, Zero, Zilch, or Diddly-Squat,
Null or Nil or Nada or Naught.

Can you think of nothing? Can you calm your brain
Till it's still like a canvas just waiting for paint?
Just the sound of your breath and the beat of your heart?
This is the way that counting should start.

. . . So begins this rhyming journey through the first five counting numbers (plus all-important Zero!) by mathematician Edmund Harriss and award-winning slam poet Houston Hughes.

Playfully personified, every number from One through Five plants the seeds of a deeper math concept it brings into play. Two creates the potential for symmetry. Four takes us from building shapes in two dimensions--to three.

This is the perfect math adventure for early-grade readers who already know how to count. Plus, littler ones will likely say (or shout) each new number as the catchy text introduces it by name!