How to Kidnap the Rich

Ramesh Kumar has risen from his desperately poor childhood spent working at his father’s tea stall in the Old City of Delhi to a gig taking exams for the sons of India's elite, a well-compensated but otherwise unrewarding line of work. His life changes overnight, though, when he learns he’s accidentally come in first place in the All Indias, the national university entrance exams, on behalf of Rudi Saxena, a sweet but hapless eighteen-year-old.
Ramesh’s top score results in instant fame and fortune for this client, and Ramesh manages to attach himself along for the ride, not knowing that Rudi’s role on a game show will afford him the chance to fall in love for the first time and get them both kidnapped. And make them kidnappers themselves, in a maze of crimes both large and small. HOW TO KIDNAP THE RICH is a caper, a social satire, and a love story all rolled into one—a wild ride told with an electric voice.