Kalani Crystal Bottles | Jyan Yoga


Looking to add a little magic into your life? Infuse your water with the crystals you choose and intentions you set - to bring clarity, love, balance and abundance into your life. 

💎 Clear Quartz - Gain clarity and manifest the life of your dreams.

💎 Rose Quartz - Embrace self-love and attract true love into your life.

💎Amethyst - Find your inner peace and tap into your intuition for a calm and balanced state of being.

💎Green Fluorite - Harmonise your heart and mind to align your thoughts, words and actions with your true purpose.

The eco-friendly crystal water bottle is made of lightweight, insulated, borosilicate glass that holds up to 550ml of liquid with stainless steel lids. No harmful plastics, chemicals, or toxins. Every glass, silicone seal, and crystal are tested to the highest standards and are all BPA & lead-free. 

Kalani bottle features a removable crystal chamber that allows you to easily replace the gemstones and create your own unique elixir to fit your personal intention - the combinations are infinite!