Keepcats: FeLV+ Adoption Drive

The Keepcats team is busy gearing up for their first ever FeLV pawsitive adoption drive, and we’re very excited for you to meet these loving kitties who have a special place in our heart!

FeLV+ cats often don’t get a chance to find a home, but they actually benefit the most from being in a home environment, which greatly reduces their exposure to viruses in a multi-cat environment. In the past year, Keepcats has managed to find loving homes for 5 pawsitive cats and kind fosterers for another 4 kitties. The adoption process for FeLV positive cats is no different from other felines that might require special attention, and The Moon is glad we can help Keepcats in guiding and helping adopters and fosterers who are able to open their home to one or more of our special kitties.