Midnight City Tarot Deck & Guidebook


This combo is for one Midnight City Tarot Deck and one guidebook 🌙

Midnight City Tarot Deck

Midnight City Tarot is based on the traditional tarot system with a uniquely metropolitan twist. This deck was hand illustrated in Brooklyn, New York using modern interpretations of ancient symbols, iconic NY landmarks as well as locally loved places provide a new setting for The Fool’s modern journey.

The vivid color palette and approachable style invites you to image yourself and the people in your life within each of the cards. The detailed scenes depicted on every card convey their meaning making it effortless to pick up this deck and receive messages on day one.

Midnight City Tarot is meant to deepen your connection to your own guidance, expand your relationship to the tarot and serve as your own personal portal into the most magical version of NYC.


  • First Edition deck includes a special thank you note
  • 78 cards
  • 4¾ x 7¾ inches
  • 310gsm linen cards with protective coating
  • Fully illustrated two-part rigid box for safe keeping
  • Illustrated in Brooklyn, NY
  • Printed in the USA by a family-owned print shop

Midnight City Tarot Guidebook

Dive even deeper into the world of Midnight City Tarot. Whether you’re brand new to tarot, or a seasoned pro, this guidebook is meant to enhance your experience with the deck.

Detailed descriptions about the art bring the cards to life and invite you to imagine yourself within the scenes. Precise locations of The Fool’s journey through NYC are revealed within the pages. The Vibe captures the essence of each card’s meaning and a sprinkle of Advice helps shift perspectives and guide you along your way. If cards in your reading come up reversed, those meanings are covered here, too!

Leaf through the guidebook any time you’re looking to gain a little extra insight into the meanings behind the cards or additional clarity about your readings.


  • 84 pages, fully designed and in full color
  • Images of each card are clearly displayed above the corresponding information
  • Lays flat for easy use
  • 4¼ x 7 inches
  • Includes an index of useful terms
  • Made locally in the US (by a G-7 certified, environmentally friendly printer using vegetable-based inks)