My Grandmother's Braid


Sharp and tender at once, a humourous take on family dysfunction and human weakness seen through a young boys eyes. Max lives with his grandparents in a residential home for refugees in Germany. When his grandmothera terrifying, stubborn matriarch and a former Russian primadonnamoved them from the Motherland it was in search of a better life. But she is not at all pleased with how things are run in Germany. His grandmother has been telling Max that he is an incompetent, clueless weakling since he was a child. While he may be dolt in his grandmother's eyes, Max is bright enough to notice that his stoic and taciturn grandfather has fallen hopelessly in love with their neighbour, Nina. When a child is born to Nina that is the spitting image of Maxs grandfather, things come to a hilarious if dramatic head. Everybody will have to learn to defend themselves from Maxs all-powerful grandmother.