Our Lady Of Everything


A bittersweet story of clashing beliefs and confused identities.

Dr David Goldstein might have finished a PhD on religion, but he's still no closer to knowing what he believes or what in Middle Earth he's doing behind the counter of the local Games Workshop, selling figurines of rat men to spotty teenagers. David's also no nearer to making his feelings known to his friend Meg or wangling an invitation to Nottingham's only Hindu temple, as part of his endless quest for a belief system. David only starts to feel like he belongs after taking up Kaos Magik, a post-modern practice combining voodoo, chakras and bureaucratic surveys to help those who practise it discover the deeper meaning behind the banalities of modern life.

Meg is just as stuck as David - her parents keep finding ways to remind her she isn't married, her boss at the Evening Post is weirdly obsessed with her heritage and David wants her to take part in his magikal experiments. The only sane person she knows is the romantic-but-cynical autodidact Katarzyna Flowers. But Katarzyna's soldier boyfriend Eoin, on operation in Iraq, has stopped answering her emails and a strange video is doing the rounds ...

A funny, poignant novel with a quirky cast of characters, Our Lady of Everything is about love, faith and the caves of Nottingham - and what people do when they don't have any of the answers.