Rebel Threads: Vintage Streetwear


The Contemporary Wardrobe Collection is the most comprehensive collection of street clothing in the world, regularly used in movies and music videos. With more than 15,000 garments, designed since the 1930s, the collection covers a multitude of cult fashions from zoot suiters, to mods to new romantics, and has dressed everyone from David Bowie to Kanye West.

Rebel Threads showcases some of the most iconic styles in this amazing Aladdin's cave of street fashion, takes us up close to the garments in detailed shots and recounts the most fascinating stories attached to the items – anecdotes involving famous trendsetters of the time or actors who donned the outfits on screen.

It is the only book to document subcultural fashion in such detail and as such is sure to become a must-have for fans of vintage clothing, collectors, fashion students, and costumiers.