Revolutionary Feminisms: Conversations on Collective Action and Radical Thought


A unique book, tracing forty years of anti-racist feminist thought

Black, anti-colonial, anti-racist feminist thought is often sidelined in mainstream discourses that transform feminism into simplistic calculations of how many women are in positions of power. This unique book sets the record straight. Through interviews with key scholars, including Angela Y. Davis and Silvia Federici, Bhandar and Ziadah present a serious and thorough discussion of race, class, gender, and sexuality not merely as intersections to be noted or additives to be mixed in, but as co-constitutive factors that must be reckoned with if we are to build effective coalitions.

Collectively, these interviews trace the ways in which Black feminists, Third World and post-colonial feminists, and indigenous women have created new ways of seeing, new theoretical frameworks for analysing political problems, and new ways of relating to one another.