Rewild Your Life: 52 Ways to Reconnect with Nature


Do you sometimes feel that your life is missing something simple yet fundamental? Would you love to reconnect more with the natural world, get in on the theater of wildlife and seasons going on outside your window? Do you struggle to find the time to start? You're not alone. Over-attached to technology, cosseted in our homes, the Western world has never been so disconnected. However, increasingly, we are realizing that our relationship with nature is the most important thing in our lives, and that it is at stake.

Rewild Your Life will help you to rediscover your instinctive connection to the great outdoors, both in your own gardens and further afield. With 52 projects from bush craft to generations old craftery, journalist and wild swimming enthusiast Sarah Stirling will show you how reconnecting with the natural world is key to keeping the environment alive, while simultaneously bringing the wonder back into the every day. Becoming more in tune with the environment does not require a lot of time, energy or money.

Projects include spoon carving to foraging in the hedgerows, making and mending to forest bathing - this book will help you to focus on the many small ways you can retune your innate human senses that have become blunted by modern life, and really reconnect. Perfect for anyone who wants to get closer to the nature that's all around them, Rewild Your Life will give you an appreciation for nature's seasonal changes as well as improve your overall happiness and well being.