Sex After Sixty: a French guide to loving intimacy


In Sex After Sixty, Marie de Hennezel addresses the most taboo of subjects: the sexuality of seniors.

Employing an equal measure of modesty and irreverence, de Hennezel probes the mystery and depth of the enjoyment of physical love at a later stage of life. Through interviews, lectures, and her own analysis — including forays into areas such as tantric sex — she invites the reader on a journey to the heart of this unrecognised territory.

It turns out that emotional intimacy plays a huge role in maintaining a sex life as you age. The quality of a relationship obviously matters a lot in being able to take your time, trust your partner, and explore a sexuality that’s more sensual and more playful than that of earlier years. It’s all about knowing how to take pleasure as it comes, rather than focussing on what could be … This is what characterises a less impulsive, but more erotic, sexuality. And it’s not less satisfying, either. Far from it.