Soulful Woman Guidance Cards: Nurturance, Empowerment & Inspiration for the Feminine Soul


The Soulful Woman Guidance Cards are designed to inspire and nurture your feminine soul and support you in manifesting your dreams through embracing the graceful, abundant and soulful energies of the sacred feminine. The cards will help you relax into life's flow, trust in divine timing, follow your intuition and open up to the extraordinary blessings the universe has to offer you. Unique Aspects of this Oracle Deck:

1. We've hand-picked 26 Visionary female artists from around the world to illustrate this deck. This is a HIGH VIBRATIONAL deck full of love and magic. 

2. There are no negative or reversed cards in this deck because the cards are designed to deliver PURE POSITIVE ENERGY to help you connect quickly and effortlessly to your own intuition, beauty and heart intelligence. 

3. The cards use the "I" Voice so that you can immediately ENTER the energy of the affirmations as soon as you read a card. 

These richly illustrated and lovingly produced cards are like a jewellery box of insights and inspirations, helping you to TAP INTO the deep answers and soul guidance within you.