Tarot Reading



I believe every individual has full autonomy in creating their reality. How this looks like - infinite possibilities and tapping into your deepest potential.Should you wish to receive insights and guidance from your best self you’ve yet met, may I have the honour of delivering it to you through clairsentience and my decks?


15 minutes - $25
For the ones who are curious and need a quick realignment to get back on track.

30 minutes - $45
Get clarity on that one thing that keeps bugging you from your subconscious.

60 minutes - $80
A beautiful sit-down date with yourself - listen to your heart and soul’s deepest needs.

90 minutes - $110
The long-overdue coddle session your heart, soul and consciousness have been imploring for. Time for some major realignment!

About our Tarot Reader

Hello my name is Pearlyn. I have amassed a large amount of interests growing up - finding mediums that allow me to creatively express myself. Amidst yoga, craft, and meditation, I found love in beautifully illustrated tarot and oracle decks and I cannot wait to share my love for them with people I connect with!

How to book a reading

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If there is a need to change your tarot appointment booking due to urgent circumstances, please kindly reschedule your appointments minimally 2 hours in advance. Should the rescheduling happen less than 2 hours from your time slot, The Moon reserves the right to cancel the appointment without refunds.

If you didn’t receive a confirmation email with your time slot, please contact meow@themoon.com.sg or @themoonsg on IG.